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Application Procedure


Chinese language learners, Overseas students to apply the program, first need to fill out the application form and prepare the relevant documents (for application process please refer to the flow chart) as follows:

1、Student application form (Click to download)

2、Financial Statement showing at least US$2500 within the past 3 months.

3、Proof of Highest Education Degree

4、Photocopy of passport or Alien Resident Certificate

5、Medical Checkup Report (Form)

6、Two 2-inch passport photos

The Centre is also in the process of developing online-application system. Students can choose to apply the program through, either application form or online-application system after the system is ready.

(2) Review of the applicants

After the registration deadline, CLC will write an enrolment letter to the Review Committee to review the application documents, the students background, motivation, study plan, etc., after the application documents passed the Review Committee, to whether or not the applicant needs to take placement test(applicants who cannot speak Chinese can attend the test too).After the evaluation, CLC will arrange the classes and issue acceptance letter to those, whose documents passed the Review Committee and the placement test.

(3) Offer Letter of Acceptance

After reviewing application documents, and the completed placement test, CLC will send out “National Dong Hwa University Chinese Language Center Admission Approval for you to apply for Visa to attend at the program.

Visa: To apply for Visa please prepare the following documents: National Dong Hwa University Chinese Language Center Admission Approval”, passport that valid for at least 6 months, 2 passport size photo, airplane ticket and other related documents to your nearest Embassy.