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Around the campus the most convenient transportation vehicle is bicycle, there are bicycle repair shops around the campus (Yu Da bicycles, Giant), they offers repairing, new bicycles, and second hand bicycles. From the city center you can take bus (around 15-25 min.), ride a motorcycle (about 25 min.), or you can either take one of the following coaches (Hualien-Taidong, via Fuli, via Ruisui, via Guangfu etc.) and get off at Zhi Xue bus stop, there are buses at every 15-30 minutes and it takes around 20 min. to arrive at Zhixue station. Just like to travel from other counties to Hualien, the fastest way is to take train, especially Taroko and Puyuma train, from Taipei to Hualien only takes less than two hoursm if there are no seats available just take Ziqiang train.

  Chinese learners inside, and around the campus can ride bicycle, travelling to the city center can take the school shuttle bus or taxi, both option are easily accessible.

Hualien shuttle bus
Taxi Cab services


How to arrive to Hualien