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  In Taiwan only NDHU can guarantee dormitory beds for every freshman and sophomore students, so we can ensure that Chinese learners has the right to live in the dormitory, in order to get in touch with the Chinese environment, we arrange the students in quad rooms, so the student can exchange languages and cultures with other Taiwanese students.

  NDHU student dormitories including: Xie Yun Zhuang, Qing Xiang Zhuang, Han Xing 1 and 2 Zhuang, Yang Shan Zhuang, Xing Yun Zhuang, Qin Yue Zhuang, Ying Xi Zhuang, except Xie Yun Zhuang which is equipped with Single bed rooms, the 3rd and 4th floor of Xing Yun Zhuang which are equipped with double bed rooms, the rest of the dormitories are equipped with quad bed rooms.

  Each room has its own bathroom, telephone, personal internet access, air conditioning, etc. equipped with desk and chair, bookcase, wardrobe and a comfortable bed (mattress is not provided). Inside the dormitory buildings there are courtyard garden, lounge, the periphery of the dormitory there are basketball courts, baseball field, tennis courts, campus community center, restaurants, bookstores, supermarkets, everything needed is there. The recently opened JiXian Guan is a great place to visit to discuss your current assignments or in your leisure time to keep yourself fit.

Around the dormitories