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Physical Facility

  In order to achieve a balanced development of the students’ body and mind, expand sports knowledge, improve sports ability, develop social norms behaviour, implement and build sports and leisure habits, with physical education, sport grounds, sports programs, sports communities and extended education, etc. and the combination of administrative, manpower, financial and material resources, we would like to actively promote the students and communities health and physical ability. NDHU can provide sport equipment, students can book sport fields, also the perimeter of the dormitories, and around the gymnasium there are different sports ground that can be used by the students. The Physical Education Center features, offices, aerobics classroom, martial arts classroom, climbing wall, classrooms, meeting rooms, etc. (as an administrative, teaching and activity area). One side of the standard athletic field are the swimming pools, including an outdoor pool and a heated indoor pool, gym, aerobics classroom, training room and a trainer’s lounge, in front of the swimming pool, there are 6 basketball courts, 6 volleyball courts, 6 tennis courts, 2 baseball fields, 8 badminton courts, golf practice field, table tennis.



PEC will organize special activities periodically, such as sailing, canoeing, rock climbing, participants need registration is advance.