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Library resources

Dong Hwa University Library is located in the middle of the campus. The high rising tower, like a beacon of knowledge shining through the campus of Dong Hwa University. The six floors, with a total area of 5,490 Ping, a collection of 1.36 million books (including e-books, databases, statistics until the year of 2011. October), Ministry of Education Statistics resources with more than 160 domestic library collection (starting from 2010 until present days), ranked the University among the Top 9.

As a result of Meilun Campus merged with Dong Hwa University, the project of moving books has started in July until the September of 2011. It was a large scale event with a repositioning of more than 1 million books, but the new library opened its doors in early October. With the re-designed library interior, “people-oriented” operating principles, more humanistic and quiet reading atmosphere, a new book circulation system with a new group book interaction of “New Books Display Area”, the idea of abundant green colours,  the idle place for leisure time where you can alleviate stress “ News reading area”, the area where the new generation can think of  youth “Nostalgia corner”, along with the memory area “Children’s book area”, we have created a unique university library atmosphere.

Opening hours: Except national holidays, Election Day and on days when NDHU Sports Day/International Day are hold, the opening hours are as follows:

During the semester

Monday-Friday 08:15 – 21:45, weekends:  (according to the school calendar, are the following) 09:15 – 21:15 

During summer and winter vacation

Monday-Saturday 09:15 – 16:45, Sunday: Closed, the last week of august due to preparations the library is closed. CLC will announce if the opening time has been modified.  For security purpose, or in case of an emergency,  the library reserve the right to close without further announcement.

Service goal

Control NDHU teaching and administrative staff with the school ID card, borrowing books with student ID card.

4、Library Usage Rules



Readers before leaving the library, should make sure that they bringing all their personal belongings with them, and leave a neat and empty desk behind. To safeguard the rights of other users, the center is authorized to remove books and items on the desks on an irregular basis. When using books and materials, equipment, and venues, users are not allowed to leave notes, damage or soil, cut, stash, or otherwise damage any materials or objects. Users also have to abide by intellectual property right regulations.