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    Chinese Language Education is one of the most important element in international cultural exchange, even more it is a key factor to develop Chinese cultural influence. National Dong Hwa University responded to those requests from international and overseas students who have high expectations for Chinese language learning, and due to the government’s policy on the promotion of Chinese language learning, together with nurturing qualified and excellent Chinese teachers, in August 2013, NDHU established the Chinese Language Centre (hereinafter referred to as CLC). Our core goals are to enhance the knowledge of Chinese language with profound understanding of Taiwanese culture, to provide an excellent Chinese learning environment to exchange students as well as international students and to the community in general.

The Characteristics of CLC:

    Dong Hwa University is located in the eastern part of Taiwan, surrounded by the sea and mountains. It possesses a vast and tranquil campus along with a magnificent and beautiful natural scenery. The rich ecology of the landscape, the cultural diversity, the genuine development of the area, and the static way of Chinese learning pairing with outdoor education makes Dong Hwa University an exceptional and unique environment for Chinese language and culture learning.


    CLC offers Chinese classes including: intensive training classes, seasonal classes, Chinese general education classes, and we are about to set up classes for the summer and winter vacation. The centre can receive applications not only from international study tours, but also from other educational institutions. CLC also designs professional Chinese classes, and programs for those overseas teachers who wants to acquire new skills. Apart from general cultural courses, with the combination of outdoor education, students can put their Chinese language ability to good use. CLC also cooperate with other departments such as the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Department of Sinophone Literatures. We have solid confidence in that, the Chinese Language Teacher Training Course can foster highly motivated and qualified Chinese language teachers.


    CLC employing part-time and full-time qualified teachers, who has Chinese language academic background, possess great ability in Chinese language teaching and be able to prepare students for the Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language (TOCFL). In addition, the centre has implemented the teaching assistant system, providing opportunities for foreign students to practice one-on-one Chinese.


    CLC besides designing various Chinese language and culture courses, the unique atmosphere of NDHU and the wide array of cultural resources can fully develop the characteristics of our Chinese language education. CLC also actively support the development of internationalization, in addition to learning Chinese, students will be encouraged to attend the courses of Sinophone Literature to connect their Mandarin and academic program. Chinese Language Centre provide complete and professional learning environment as a starting points for further promote human values of National Dong Hwa University.